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Marty Salzman - Chicago Entertainment LawyerMartin “Marty” Salzman

An entertainment attorney for over 25 years, Marty represents musicians, writers and film makers. Some of the most talented blues artists to emerge from the smoky south side clubs of Chicago have become widely recognized stars, touring the U.S. and internationally, with multiple Grammy and W.C. Handy awards to their credits. Marty has also collaborated with numerous musicians of rock and roll royalty, which has helped gain broader audiences for his blues artists. Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, and the Rolling Stones—to name just a few—have appeared with his bands both at live performances and on recordings. Marty oversees all final contract negotiations that come through the firm, and personally handles all commercial/mechanical licensing agreements.

Peter Carlson and actor Steve Seagal

Peter Carlson and actor Steve Seagal

Peter Carlson

Peter has been producing films, documentaries and self help videos for over 20 years. As founder of Sagebrush Productions, Peter has a unique way of gaining his subjects’ trust and capturing them on film for the world to know. Peter currently has two documentaries that have debuted at film festivals this year. Whether he is depicting the life of a blues man who learned his trade on the mean streets of Chicago or capturing the quiet beauty of the Navajo people, his respect for the art of film comes through in his work and onto the screen. Peter is available for consulting and development of your project.

Lee Maher Salzman

Working closely with Marty for over 15 years, Lee is an experienced band tour manager, who oversees the day-to-day operations and ensures that contracts are closely adhered to and agreements met. She is largely responsible for the bands’ communications and business management, and deals with any unforeseen hurdles that may arise from contracts and riders, transportation issues and personal appearances. As part of the Salzman Management team, Lee has taken bands to India, Brazil, Europe and Turkey. She also oversees radio, TV and print interviews. Lee’s expertise grew from her experience in the political arena, where she specialized in public relations; speech writing; and teaching politicians that politics is just another form of show business. Lee will handle your daily operations—whether on tour or performing locally—and any business or public relations needs you may have.

Suzanne Fushi

Suzanne is the firm’s resident classical music management expert. As Director for the Stradivari Society she has been the key player in securing multi- million dollar violins for her artists. Suzanne’s extensive knowledge in the classical music business makes her a unique and highly qualified consultant to musicians. She has collaborated in one capacity or another with every major violin soloist in the business: Joshua Bell, Gil Shaham, Lela Josefiwictz, Eunice Lee, Vadim Gluzman, Philip Quint, and many others. Suzanne is available for career development, recordings, and assistance in the much coveted multimedia forum.

Fern Baker - Chicago entertainment lawyerFern Baker

Fern Baker has been involved in “the business” for most of her adult career: first as a commercial actress and model in Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles; then as manager of her kids’ successful careers as actors and voice over talents; and finally as producer and spokesperson for infomercials, and other video projects. She also co-executive produced Kwik Stop, a critically acclaimed independent film. A graduate of McGill University in theater and communications, she combines her literacy skills and media acumen as a writer and editor both for printed and video materials. Fern will consult on client promotion strategy, including representation of talent for commercial projects and endorsements.